Our Mission

ProUnitas' mission is to empower individuals with technology that interconnects social, health, and enrichment services to maximize the delivery of holistic care

Our Core Values

Relentless pursuit of quality 

Communicate and follow up

Just say it!

We check our biases at the door, are morally courageous, and bring our whole self to work

Don't get lost in the thick of thin things 

Not in our feelings, focus on the essentials, listen to understand and be perceptive

Grow or die

Willing to give and accept feedback, constantly growing, willing to listen and change

Let go of the vine! 

Status does not count, empower people, delegate and elevate, collaborative, act as a team

Company Timeline

Founded ProUnitas
Research and Development Hub* Established.

*A cohort of 5 schools with ProUnitas hired staff to pilot innovation of Purple
Successful Launch of the Purple K12 Platform across 50 HISD schools
Further expansion of Purple K12 into Houston ISD. Addition of YES Prep and Yellowstone Academy totaling 82 schools
COMING SOON: Purple Health and further expansion of Purple K12

The Problem

Our world is one that is program rich and system poor. Across all industries, we have created very labor intensive processes that ultimately do not meet clients' needs.
In industries where service delivery significantly affects life outcomes, we continue to function with fragmented service provider ecosystems and disparate data platforms. This creates inefficiencies, static processes, and creates work in silos.

Our Solution

By combining the power of technology and people, we aim to transform and systematize how services are equitably and accountably accessed for the people that need it most. Our software captures and preserves the work done on the ground in order for the ecosystem to easily hand off support to the most appropriate party, and generate dynamic inventories of service providers so that we are all communicating together and functioning on the same page.


We currently empower school districts in coordinating holistic social, health, and educational services to support the social safety net of America’s youth.



We are working towards empowering FQHC’s with the tools needed to identify, connect, monitor, and manage clients to health, social and human services.


Meet Our Team


He holds both a Master’s degree in Physiology and Biophysics from Georgetown University and Master’s in Education from Johns Hopkins University.

Adeeb is a former physics teacher through Teach for America and received numerous awards during his tenure, including the Kinder Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award as well as the State of Texas ACP Beginner Teacher of the Year Award. Prior to Teach for America, Adeeb worked for the pharmaceutical industry.

He was recently appointed by the Texas State Board of Education to serve on the new Texas Long Range Plan for Public Education steering committee where he will work alongside exceptional leaders to set a new vision for public education for the State of Texas.

DAMON HOYLE - Chief Operating Officer

Prior to his current role, he served as Director of Systems Coordination and most recently Managing Director of Systems Coordination. After graduating from the University of Virginia in 2007 with a B.A.

Damon began his work within the Education sector through Teach for America. After completing his time with Teach for America, he decided to remain in the classroom and began a career with the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP). Throughout his affiliation with KIPP, Damon served in many capacities outside of his teaching role; earning a Master’s degree in School Administration from Columbia University while serving as a grade level and department chair. He’s also served within the KIPP system as Dean of Instruction and assumed the role of Dean of Operations during his final year.

Damon is a graduate of the Houston Black Leadership Institute, a subsidiary leadership program within the Greater Houston Black Chamber. He remains heavily involved in community service/outreach through various civic and faith-based organizations.

ALBERT WEI - Chief Innovation Officer

He started his work in education as an undergraduate student at Rice University, and has taught in some of Houston’s most disadvantaged schools. Albert is a recipient of the Salman Khan Commencement Award at Rice University for his work in education domestically and abroad.

After receiving a B.A. in Political Science, he continued teaching through Teach for America. Albert earned the Beginning Teacher of the Year distinction for the Houston Independent School District, became social studies department chair, and served as the Director of the College and Career Center.

Albert spent a year in Asia on a Fulbright Fellowship to work with local teachers to deliver robust English curricula and study the ways the East incorporates social-emotional learning in school culture and instruction.

JARAD DAVIS - Director of Client Success

Portfolio: Houston ISD

Jarad Davis is a native of Houston, TX. He graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies and the University of Houston with a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership.

Prior to his role as Director of District Success (HISD), Jarad spent several years as a classroom teacher before moving into district administration with Spring Branch ISD.Jarad has participated in several leadership fellowships throughout his career, including the Cy-Fair ISD Teacher Leadership Academy, Houston Leaders for Education, and Leadership ISD. He is married to Lauren Davis and is the father of two: Kody & Zoe.

EDITH RAHIMIAN - Director of Client Success

Portfolio: YES Prep Public Schools, Yellowstone Academy, Harmony Public Schools

Edith has served in the field of education for more than thirteen years and has always believed in the power and the impact of partnerships. Prior to her current role, she was the Director for the Center for Parenting and Family Well-Being at Children at Risk. Previously, she served as a Dean of Instruction, Director of Parent and Student Initiatives, a Grade Level Chair and teacher at YES Prep Public Schools. As a classroom teacher, Edith was honored with the Kinder Excellence in Teaching Award. Before joining YES Prep, she was a teacher in HISD in a high-needs community as a Teach For America Corps Member. Edith’s drive for ensuring educational equity for all students, despite family background and zip code, stems from her own personal journey.  She is the daughter of Iranian immigrants and the first one in her family to graduate from college. 

Edith holds a B.S. in Business Administration, a B.A in Political Science from the University of Arizona and a Masters in Non-Profit Administration from the University of Houston-Downtown. Edith Edith’s dedication goes beyond her current role as she is involved in her community as a member of the HISD Resource Allocation Advisory Committee, a member of the Tenant’s Rights Advisory Board and a founding board member of Bloom Academy.  She is committed to ensuring that all students from all communities across Texas have access to great schools and educational programs.


Frank Sommerville is a shareholder in the law firm of Weycer, Kaplan, Pulaski & Zuber, P.C. in Houston and Dallas, Texas. Mr. Sommerville handles and assists in a broad range of legal cases which encompasses employment law and ERISA issues as well as nonprofit and religious organizations.


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Board Chair
Director, Global Commercial Office
Thought Works, Inc.

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Chief Executive Officer
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Financial manager
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Former U.S. Ambassador to Qatar

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