Empowering school districts to reimagine student supports so that no child falls through the cracks...

We help school districts implement and deliver holistic student supports in a more timely, integrated, and accountable way so that every student stays in school and graduates with a purpose.

The Problem

Student support departments nationwide are tasked with ensuring that non-academic barriers, ranging from mental health to homelessness, do not hinder students' ability to attend & stay in school. Yet, these departments often lack the technology and technical assistance necessary to deliver supports in a more efficient, measurable, and timely way. The stakes warrant immediate investment in our district's student supports.

Our schools have become program-rich & system-poor with services operating independently instead of contributing to a unified student support vision.

More than 30% of our nation's students are chronically absent.

1 out of every 6 children aged 6–17 experiences a mental health disorder each year.

Two Approaches that Reimagine Student Supports

Ecosystem Build

As a school district, this approach helps you establish your own digital ecosystem of student supports. It consolidates all student support functions (counseling, social work, nursing, McKinney-Vento, crisis intervention, community partnerships, district services, counselor time tracking - 80/20, MTSS, and more) into one unified place, ensuring that students stay in school and thrive.

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Bold Decisions — Coming Soon!

This approach serves to be a catalyst for change in how students supports should look like on our school campuses. Learn about how we are involved in systems change through our series of case studies, communities of practice work as well as our annual Ecosystem Award.

Real-Time Data for Impactful Connections

60% of administrative busy work is eliminated, allowing more time in front of students.

Districts are able to know what services they have, who is utilizing them, and where they are located.  This has resulted in over 2 million connections to interventions, services, and resources.

Reduction of time to identify a student with a systemized referral system.

Counselors, nurses, McKinney-Vento staff, and support staff are able to document their work individually and collaborate when appropriate, reducing duplication of work.

Student data is private and never sold. We honor this as our highest priority. Click the image above to view our Privacy Policy!

Staff can make better strategic decisions when it comes to student support and ensure continuity of support for the student. If a counselor or support staff member leaves, the next person can pick up where the other person left off.