The time has come where no student falls between the cracks...

As a nonprofit, we partner with public schools to build and sustain a system that supports the well-being of every student, especially those farthest away from opportunities to stay in school and go on to lead fulfilling lives.

The Problem

Far too often, the identification and connection of students to crucial mental health and well-being resources rely on luck. This is clearly reflected in the data, where only 15% of children living in poverty have access to any form of mental health and basic needs services.

The current scenario highlights a significant issue: our education systems are inundated with various elements such as niche EdTech, district services, Community Based Providers, state/federal mandates, PBIS, RTI, and more. Unfortunately, many school districts find themselves overwhelmed and struggle to integrate these components into a coherent system that supports all students effectively.

In the face of these challenges, school districts often resort to switching from one software or program to another instead of collaboratively creating an infrastructure that is both unique and agile to their specific needs. The consequence is a system that remains program-rich but system-poor.

How do we work with your counseling and student support teams?

Early Identification

Roll out your own digital referral system that makes it easy for students, caregivers and teachers to request mental health and basic needs supports.

Online Dashboard Animation

Student-centered Documentation

Create an ecosystem of support by ensuring that various student support functions such as counselors and social workers are documenting their actions in an efficient and student centered way.

Service Provider Management

Capture your resources and partnerships in real-time and follow up on the status of student connection to mental health and basic needs services. Districts are able to quantify true demand of services and ProUnitas works alongside them to bridge the gap.

Progress Monitoring

Ensure that your student support actions and partnerships are keeping a student in school and having an impact on outcomes such as their attendance

A color-coded system alerts a school counselor when student attendance or grades have changed [such thresholds are set by the district].

Real-Time Data for Impactful Connections

60% of administrative busy work is eliminated, allowing more time in front of students.

Districts are able to know what services they have, who is utilizing them, and where they are located.

Reduction of time to identify a student with a systemized referral system.

Staff can make better strategic decisions when it comes to student support.

Facilitated over 2 million connections to services and resources through PurpleSENSE.

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