The time has come to where no student should fall between the cracks

We are on a mission to ensure every student has access to the right resources at the right time in order to reach their fullest human potential.

We provide the technology and comprehensive support for schools to ensure that students and families are rapidly connected to existing resources.

The Problem

Students Come In With a Variety of Holistic Needs
Lack of Early-Warning Mechanisms and Pathways for Support
Lack of Clarity on Resources Available and Impact of Programs
No Way of Capturing The Great Work Happening Among Campus Community

Our Approach


A Technology Powered Tool that transforms how students are identified for support, referred/connected to resources, and how schools monitor the progress of interventions.

Resource Map

Schools supported by PurpleSENSE will be displayed on a map that allows families, funders, and schools to know what programs exist on each school campus. We need to know which campuses have what resources such as nurses, counselors, and what nonprofits serve each campus.

Our Impact

60% of administrative busy work is eliminated, allowing more time in front of students.

Districts are able to know what services they have, who is utilizing them, and where they are located.

90% reduction in response time for a student to be flagged and receive services.

Staff can make better strategic decisions when it comes to student support.

Approximately 225,000 students are supported by PurpleSENSE.

More timely, equitable, and holistic response to student needs.