The time has come where every student is known and cared for

ProUnitas helps schools ensure that every student has the coordinated village of support they need to lead a fulfilling life.

The Problem

Everyday students walk into our schools carrying the burden of poverty on their shoulders. In order for schools to support students in reaching their fullest potential, a focus on the whole child’s well-being is imperative. Despite the availability of social, health, and education services, schools lack the infrastructure necessary for students and their families to access and connect to resources in a coordinated and integrated way. As a result, too many students fall in-between the cracks.

PurpleSENSE Equips Your District With

Early Identification System

An easily accessible online referral form that allows parents, teachers, staff, and even students to request wraparound services.

A color-coded system alerts a school counselor when student attendance or grades have changed [such thresholds are set by the district].

Online Dashboard Animation

Rapid Action Abilities

Once a student need is identified, support staff have an integrated referral system to more rapidly act on student needs. In addition, they are able to document interventions and case-manage students.

Such services include community organizations, nonprofits, and in-house district resources. ProUnitas reflects the partnerships that the district has and has no authority of which services are displayed in the platform.

Follow Up

Schools are able to see on a visual map where resources are located. Asset mapping allows for an accurate depiction of a schools' village of services.

Schools can track the status of student connection to wraparound services. Districts are able to quantify true demand of services and ProUnitas works alongside them to bridge the gap.

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Comprehensive Support

In addition to PurpleSENSE, ProUnitas functions as a true partner to your district. From the initial planning phases to the implementation of this transformative work, our team walks with yours from the beginning.

Throughout the year, we meet with your leaders to drive conversations around data, ask the right questions, and develop strategies around strengthening your student support department.

Real-Time Data for Impactful Connections

60% of administrative busy work is eliminated, allowing more time in front of students.

Districts are able to know what services they have, who is utilizing them, and where they are located.

Reduction of time to identify a student with a systemized referral system.

Staff can make better strategic decisions when it comes to student support.

Facilitated over 2 million connections to services and resources through PurpleSENSE.

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