Our Values

Systems Oriented

We believe that in order to create positive and sustainable change, we must first start by understanding the system in which we function. As systems thinkers, we are determined to approach everything we do with the big picture in mind. By understanding the system, we ensure our investments support positive, long term sustainable change. We also ensure our children will always have the resources they need in order to be successful inside and outside of their community.

Cooperation Teamwork Assistance Help Support ConceptDiversity & Inclusiveness

When a community is given the space to build trust it becomes inclusive and in return leverages its strengths to solve its own problems. We are committed to ensuring that the communities we collaborate with are part of the decision and change making process. From an organizational perspective, ProUnitas rationally invests in human resources to ensure that we represent our community at every level.


We believe in exponential growth instead of linear growth. Lasting results take time and we must persist in our work toward breaking cycles of generational poverty. ProUnitas is committed to collaborating with the communities it serves as well as its partners to ensure that our children are holistically nurtured within their communities. We are in this for the long haul and we recognize that there is no single organization and/or individual capable of bearing the responsibility of creating positive social change on their own.

Continuous Improvement

For us, “growth” is not necessarily expansion, but it is certainly a mindset. At ProUnitas we view challenges and obstacles as vehicles for growth rather than setbacks. ProUnitas is committed to ensuring it has effective systems of feedback in place to constantly remain connected with its collaborative communities. In order to achieve our vision we are committed to being transparent at every level. We realize that in order to affect change we hold ourselves accountable to each other and the broader community in which we serve.


Our children come to us with numerous needs and no one program possesses the capacity to solve them all. As a backbone organization, ProUnitas invests in optimizing the relationship between the various programs, thus providing them with the infrastructure to maximize their own potential. ProUnitas is committed to growing the whole child by ensuring that community, school, city, state and national programs and initiatives are not functioning in silos. Our strength is in quality and numbers.Education should not be viewed as a separate body from a child’s social, medical and community needs.