Currently, ProUnitas facilitates, coordinates and supports the entry and implementation of services on school campuses in specific feeder pattern schools. While our work is deeply informed by the community in which we collaborate, we believe that we are perfecting a template for systemizing access to services that can be replicated in various forms nation-wide. As such, we also work intimately with other systems outside of our own including foster care, homelessness, juvenile justice, and healthcare, to name a few.

Why should I join?

Continuous Improvement

  • Be part of a multifaceted approach to tackling the issues of poverty from health to education and nutrition to mentoring.
  • Convene in regular trainings that discuss trauma informed practices, social emotional learning, systems thinking and best practices across industries.
  • Generate strategic ideas on how to best deliver your service to school feeder patterns given ProUnitas’s experience working with the community and schools.


  • Focus on what you do best without the distraction of other tertiary, but necessary logistics needed to successfully deliver your program on a school campus. Let us take care of that.
  • Receive consistent communication, logistical support and technical assistance from a dedicated, on-the-ground team regarding any pertinent information you might need.


  • ProUnitas is committed to ensuring that you have easy and consistent access to the students who are in need of your services. We recognize the limitations to access (student mobility, schedule changes and chronic attrition) and attempt to tackle them systemically alongside your organization.

Be Part of Systems Change

  • Become part of a greater vision in creating an interconnected web of equitable schools, communities and service providers that maximize opportunities for all children regardless of their socioeconomic background.
  • Impact students at various levels of their life trajectory from elementary through high school.
  • Institutionalize the presence of the community voice and partner contributions so that it is impervious to changes in school management regarding faculty, staff and admin.

How do I begin?

The first step is to complete our Partnership Interest Form below and  familiarizing yourself with Our Values and Eligibility Criteria & Commitments. We review each partner to ensure the resources are best utilized and aligned in the system-wide network and according to the particular stage of growth of the feeder schools.

 Partnership Interest Form  

Deadline to submit Partnership Interest Form: June 10th. 

What happens after I submit?

After submitting your organization’s interest survey, a Partnership Committee consisting of several key stakeholders ranging from youth representation, community members, and System Coordination representation will review it during ProUnitas’ semi-annual review periods.

Within one month after your interest form submission, a recommendation regarding the proposed partnership will be made based on our Partnerships & Special Projects Director and Partnership Committee due diligence. If selected to move forward, your organization will receive a welcome letter outlining an on-boarding meeting which will include goals, expectations, and commitments.

What does working with ProUnitas look like?

Being a part of the ProUnitas family means that we have a stalwart and sincere commitment to the schools that we serve. We approach our work with a servant heart, a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, a deep resolve to persist in this difficult work, a pledge to continuous improvement, and a duty to connectedness and expect that our organization and partners reflect these values.

We hold bi-monthly meetings to field questions, gauge progress and revisit goals. We hold an annual renewal meeting to reflect on progress to build upon our successes as our relationship continues.

Please direct any questions regarding this process to:

Albert Wei, Director – Partnerships and Special Projects at awei@prounitas.org