Keith Downey


Patsy Potts

Vice President

Roshida Downey


Rev. Franklin Delano Sampson Sr.

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Faith Based Representation

Rev. Ricky Bell

Forrest Lawn Missionary Baptist ChurchFaith Based Representation

Adeeb Barqawi

Council Support

Reginald Bush

Principal Representation

Joseph Blackwell

Principal Representation

ILiana Perez

Principal Representation

Florence Coleman

Kashmere Super Neighborhood Representation

Kenneth Williams

Kashmere Alumni Association Representation

Michael O’Quinn

Kashmere Former Athletes Representation

Samuel Rutherford

Kashmere Former Athletes Association Representation

Nancy Blackwell

Principal Representation

Karlton Harris

Non Profit Representation

Lt. Rose Terry

Law Enforcement Representation

Rowland Steptoe

Teacher Representation

Sr. Minister Timothy Daniels

Trinity Gardens Church of ChristFaith Based Representation

Darlene Wheatley

School Administration Representation

Karol McNary

School Counselor Representation

Lysette Cooper

Principal Representation

Jeffrey Whitaker

Principal Representation

Purpose of the Community Council

The purpose of the community council is to create a safe and inclusive space to facilitate the dialogue between schools and the communities in which they reside. In order for transformational change to occur, everyone must be aligned and unified around the whole child.



  • The Community Council will meet 9 times per year.
  • The meetings will be scheduled one year in advance, at a location and at a time that has been selected by the council.
  • Meeting materials will be sent out in advance of the meeting so that the members can review the agenda and items for discussion prior to the meeting.
  • Minutes of meetings will be taken and provided to members for review prior to the next meeting of the council.