Systems Approach

Providing an Infrastructure for Organizations to Reach Everyone

Current non-profits and large scale initiatives are unable to reach the vast majority due to stark differences between the areas being served in regards to existing support and community infrastructure. Other challenges include:

  • Difficulty in tracking outcomes
  • Duplication of services and working in silos
  • Low emphasis on collaboration with other non-profits and services
  • At the mercy of school leadership and district policies

A Systems Approach To Achieve Transformation Change

ProUnitas is committed to our motto of “When it’s all about the children, everyone grows”. We believe that there is no silver bullet in our mission towards creating a world of equity among our most vulnerable communities, but rather, we know that only with the collaboration of a deeply dedicated ecosystem of partnerships, feeder schools and community voice can we see systems at work to help underserved communities help themselves. Learn more about our Core Values.

  • Robustly coordinate experienced non-profits involved in direct services focused on healthcare & mental health, STEM, basic needs, literacy, college & workforce readiness, financial, character development, self-advocacy, arts and music
  • Coordinate an ecosystem of support on school campuses for children and in return alleviate the pressure faced by schools and teachers to meet those needs
  • Provide various organizations the infrastructure and tools to reach the maximum amount of children in the fashion intended, track students growth and have direct access to those who are most in need
  • Allow organizations to build relationships within a community and their schools due to their close proximity